Romantic Spring Wedding Shoot

Step into our European wedding inspiration haven, where we transport you to the world of love, romance, and style. Today, we are thrilled to share the captivating story of a wedding styled shoot that unfolded at the exquisite Château de Nainville-les-Roches, nestled near the romantic city of Paris. This springtime celebration, orchestrated by the visionary floral designer, Christine from Dites-Oui, took creativity and romance to new heights, resulting in an awe-inspiring masterpiece. 

At the heart of this extraordinary wedding styled shoot lies a collaboration between Christine, the floral designer, and Marion, the dress creator. Bound by their shared passion for beauty and artistry, they set out to create a wedding dress that would become the centerpiece of this romantic endeavor. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors and delicate blooms of nature, their combined efforts gave birth to a truly unique and unforgettable design. 

In this enchanting fairytale, the bride graces the scene wearing a remarkable creation that seamlessly combines timeless elegance with whimsical charm. The bustier of the wedding dress, envisioned by Christine and brought to life with Marion’s expertise, becomes a captivating canvas for nature’s floral wonders. Delicate petals delicately adorn the bodice, forming an intricate tapestry that celebrates the ethereal beauty of fresh flowers. Each bloom is thoughtfully placed, capturing the essence of a blossoming love story. 

Set against the picturesque backdrop of the French countryside, Château de Nainville-les-Roches served as the perfect setting for this romantic affair. Its opulent architecture, lush gardens, and serene ambiance added an air of sophistication and timeless beauty to the occasion. The vibrant colors of spring breathed new life into the surroundings, harmonizing with the floral adorned wedding dress and creating a scene of pure enchantment. 

The gardens of Château de Nainville-les-Roches witnessed an unforgettable wedding ceremony, where love and nature intertwined in perfect harmony. Set against the majestic chateau, a magnificent floral arch stood tall, serving as a breathtaking backdrop for the exchange of vows. Laden with blooms of various hues and delicate foliage, the arch symbolized the union of love and showcased the transformative power of nature’s artistry. 

Every aspect of this styled shoot was meticulously curated to evoke romance and elegance. Soft pastel hues, reminiscent of blooming flowers, adorned the tablescape, accompanied by delicate china and glassware. The delicate touch of fresh flowers extended to every detail, creating a seamless tapestry of natural beauty. 

As the centerpiece of the culinary delights, a wedding cake emerged as an edible work of art. Adorned with a delicate touch, the cake was transformed into a masterpiece using the petals of fresh flowers. Each petal, carefully placed by skilled hands, added a touch of natural beauty and fragrant charm to the delectable creation. It stood as a testament to the seamless integration of nature’s wonders into every aspect of this romantic celebration. 

In this captivating styled shoot at Château de Nainville-les-Roches, Christine, the visionary floral designer, and Marion, the talented dress designer, have woven a tale of romance, beauty, and artistic expression. Their collaboration has brought to life a wedding dress adorned with fresh flowers, with the bustier serving as a focal point of mesmerizing floral artistry. The enchantment extended to the wedding ceremony, where a stunning floral arch stood proudly, symbolizing the union of love and nature’s artistry. As the spring breeze whispers tales of love, this styled shoot stands as an eternal source of inspiration for couples embarking on their own romantic journeys. 

Wedding Planner : Vanessa de En Tandem Wedding Planner WebSite : Instagram : @entandem_weddingplanner

Wedding Designer / Floral Designer : Christine de Dites-Oui Artiste Florale WebSite : Instagram : @ditesoui_artisteflorale

Lieu : Château de Nainville-les-Roches Instagram : @chateau_nainville_les_roches

Photographer & Filmmaker : Pierre & Julia WebSite : Instagram : @pierre_and_julia_photography

Stationery : Aujourd’hui C’est WebSite : Instagram : @aujourdhuicest

Wood decorations : Izii Inspirations Jolies Site : Instagram : @izii_inspirationsjolies

Hire : Augustine Mariage à la Campagne Site : Instagram : @augustine_mariagealacampagne

Wedding Dress : Les Marionnettes VDW Site : Instagram : @les.marionnettes.vdw

Groom Attire : Father and Sons Site : Instagram : @fatherandsonsofficiel

Make-up Artist : Eva Gelly Site : Instagram : @evagelly

Hair : Margaux Site : Instagram : @margauxmakeup.frth

Jewelry : Victoria Bijoux Site : Instagram : @victoria_bijoux_by_juliie

Cake Designer : Dulce Patisserie EI Site : Instagram : @dulcepatisseriebybelu

Models : @loredanapr et @anthony_leg